The Life and Times of Warner Glenn

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Written by Ed Ashurst

"This is a story about John Wayne, Gene Autry, Gary Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones... well not really. It's a story about the cowboy hero these mere actors attempt to portray on the silver scree, as in "I'm not a cowboy hero but I play one on TV." It is a biography of one whose story will seem larger than life. Remember the name Warner Glenn. Ed Ashurst leaves no stone upturned. This history book is a slice of the pioneer west for the last two centuries. In that sense it is dense with genealogy and the settling of the Arizona Territory since 1816. If you think you are related to Warner, you'll probably find your name in the pages somewhere! I, for example, celebrate the same birthday! Rising from the ever-present historical backdrop in this book, is a stampede of action-filled stories that never stops. Almost every chapter is a movie in itself! The further we read, the deeper we fall into the lure of wanting more. Sometimes it seems almost unbelievable. We get led through a world crawling with Fire, Murder, Sweat, Fear, Flood, Attacks, Lions, Dogs, Snakes, Fiddles, Jaguars, the Border, Bears, Prehistoric Calligraphy, Courage, Caves, Drugs, Drought, Dehydration, Bulls and Bad Horses. This is his book written by those of us who hold him in deep esteem. We have been lucky enough in our lives to rub up against him, feel the magic. the current running through him, close enough to feel his heart beat or his teeth grit. To know him is a gift, a blessing. inspiration and awe. When he invites you to rope at his branding, to shoot the lion on his hunt, to play a tune on his fiddle, or even to say grace at his table, it's like Mickey Mantle handing you the bat saying, "Why don't you take a few swings."- Foreword by Baxter 


Ed Ashurst is the author of seven books and is currently working on his eighth. He is also a working cowboy who has ridden and gathered cattle and horses on over seven thousand square miles of the American West accumulating over fifty years of experience as a big ranch cowboy. He currently manages a large cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona. He has also been involved in producing rodeos and horse shows as well as horse sales and has competed in the rodeo arena for over fifty years. His books are about his life's experiences covering different aspects and scenes that race across his vivid memory and water a fertile imagination. All that he has written originated from stories that are well worn from being told many times. He believes that storytelling is an art form that is no less important than painting or sculpting and people say that his books read as if the storyteller is there in person.


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    An outstanding read

    Posted by Michael Pardue on Sep 22nd 2022

    If you like the western lifestyle, you will like this book…. Ed did a great job of writing and takes you along on each trip trailing lions….Warner Glen is an American treasure and someone to look up to and aspire to be like…. This book has a permanent home in my library