Stories that Terrell Shelley Told Me

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Written by Ed Ashurst

Foreward by Frank DuBois

"Terrell Shelley and his family are legends in Southwest New Mexico. The Shelleys established a cattle ranch on Mogollon Creek on the edge of the Gila Wilderness in 1884. That ranch is still owned by the Shelley family whose members have been wild cow catchers, cow men, county sheriffs, world champions in the rodeo arena and world famous hunters and guides. As said by Frank DuBois in the foreword, "My advice is to put your foot in the stirrup, swing up in the saddle, enjoy your ride into the history of the Shelley family, and experience the Real West as told by a master storyteller." 


Ed Ashurst is the author of his eight books. He is also a working cowboy who has ridden and gathered cattle and horses on over seven thousand square miles of the American West accumulating over fifty years of experience as a big ranch cowboy. He currently manages a large cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona. He has also been involved in producing rodeos and horse shows as well as horse sales and has competed in the rodeo arena for over fifty years. His books are about his life's experiences covering different aspects and scenes that race across his vivid memory and water a fertile imagination. All that he has written originated from stories that are well worn from being told many times. He believes that storytelling is an art form that is no less important than painting or sculpting and people say that his books read as if the storyteller is there in person.