Stealin' From the Neighbors

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Written by: Ed Ashurst

Illustrated by: Mike Capron


"This book is fiction, any resemblance to a character or event in real life is purely coincidental. And yet it is reality. It is a story about a subculture that I have been a member of for longer than I can remember. I will be accused by some of exaggerating: the bucking horses, the wild cattle, and the meanness. There are no exaggerations here. There are no six-guns with seven bullets. I know what I'm talking about. I've eaten dust and drank dirty water." - Ed Ashurst



Ed Ashurst is the author of seven books and is currently working on his eighth. He is also a working cowboy who has ridden and gathered cattle and horses on over seven thousand square miles of the American West accumulating over fifty years of experience as a big ranch cowboy. He currently manages a large cattle ranch in southeastern Arizona. He has also been involved in producing rodeos and horse shows as well as horse sales and has competed in the rodeo arena for over fifty years. His books are about his life's experiences covering different aspects and scenes that race across his vivid memory and water a fertile imagination. All that he has written originated from stories that are well worn from being told many times. He believes that storytelling is an art form that is no less important than painting or sculpting and people say that his books read as if the storyteller is there in person.