Where the Wind Always Blows

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Where the Wind Always Blows

Written by Shawn Williams 

Illustrated by Mike Capron 


Where the Wind Always Blows is a compilation of poems by Shawn Williams , a cowpuncher in Sulphur Oklahoma. Shown has worked on some of the biggest outfits in the west. These poems tell the story of life as a cowpuncher, the horses he rides and the cattle determined to give him a run for his money. 

For the reader, Where the Wind Always blows gives him a them the taste of a life that few have the opportunity to experience. For others, the cowpunchers who still live and work on the ranches, providing beef for the country, the poems in this book may ring true as a bell. Regardless, those who enjoy true, down to earth cowboy poetry will love Where the Wind Always Blows.  


Published by Pearl Snap Publishing in Sulphur, Oklahoma.