Tod Slone 100% Wool Contour Pad

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100% Wool felt pads. Available in 1" thickness in Medium (30"x30"), and Large (32"x30") these pads are the best wool pads on the market!

  • Contoured to fit horse's back which allows saddle to fit properly
  • 100% Wool provides for comfort and care for horse's back - Wool wicks away moisture and draws heat away from the horse's back
  • Cut out in front lets saddle fit lower to reduce leverage from saddle horn to horses back
  • Heavily oiled wear leather provide longevity
  • Absorbs more shock than rubber pads


  •  Prevent dirt and hair build-up on underside of pad by brushing occasionally in a circular motion with a soft bristle brush
  • Washing Instructions:
    • Only wash with water unless pad is extremely dirty.  If soap is needed, use Woolite ® or horse shampoo
    • Wash pad from center to outer edges
    • Rinse and rotate pad simultaneously to avoid letting dirty water soak into saddle pad
    • Do NOT lay pad flat to rinse.  Hang or hold by gullet hole
    • Hang pad by gullet hole to dry.  Do NOT lay pad on its back to dry
    • After drying, flex pad in areas that are still hard to reestablish compression protection.

These pads can be ridden with or without a Mayatex saddle blanket to ensure ultimate fit. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!